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  The kit for curious hands

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The Mosaic Kit
The Mosaic Kit
The Mosaic Kit
The Mosaic Kit
The Mosaic Kit
The Mosaic Kit
The Mosaic Kit
The Mosaic Kit
The Mosaic Kit
The Mosaic Kit

The Mosaic Kit

In this exciting new mosaics kit you will find everything you need to create multiple creations - drinks coasters, wonderful wall hangings for your room and secret domed treasure pots for all of your top secret stuff.

Includes tutorial videos, playlists, inspiration and a place for adults to get involved!

Create three mosaic masterpieces- a mirror, coaster and trinket pot!

Experiment with all the different patterns you can create using mosaic tiles.

Easy-to-follow instructions encourage independent crafting.

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What's in The Mosaics Kit...

It's time for kids to become the architects of their own colorful universe! 🌟

The fun awaits inside…

On top of the activities included below, this kit teaches colour mixing, artistic lingo and how to use the artist tools included. As well as featuring amazing paintings by famous artists for inspiration.

For Curious Kids

For kids who love making, playing and exploring, building characters from scratch, storytelling, personalising things, learning new skills and just about anything creative and expressive!

Mosaic Memento

We want to encourage making art that is functional not disposable. All three activities included in the kit focus on makes that can be proudly displayed around the home.

For the Perfect Gift

Looking to buy something thoughtful and exciting, while keeping our planet safe? We've developed this kit alongside kids to make it the best craft kit it could possibly be while keeping it low plastic with a focus on quality.


Learning through play

Learning Through Creative Exploration

We believe education and fun can go hand in hand (although maybe not with maths…) and we would love to show you how  each kit fosters your child’s development and learning.

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The Benefits

Each kit comes with access to an online learning hub which explains how the kit supports your child's learning and development. However, all our kits will benefit your child in the following ways…

New Tools, New Skills

We’ve put a big focus on teaching exactly how each tool and technique is used. After all, that's half the fun! With plenty of tools in each kit and lots of techniques to learn, their imagination is the only limit when it comes time to start creating.

The Fun Way to Learn

Schools provide a great foundation of knowledge, but when it comes to freedom of expression, the curriculum often falls short. Our kits help to fill in the gaps and teach your child how to be creative, whilst teaching important art skills and fun facts along the way.

It's all About the Lingo

Every kit contains a ‘learn the lingo' page, designed to help improve your child’s arts and crafts vocabulary. We’ve also included lots of useful conversation prompts as part of the video content to help encourage your mini-artist to think creatively about different topics. 


Unlock a world of craft and creativity