Choosing products that are mindful of the current climate crisis is now more important than ever. We want to create amazing products responsibly, so here’s what we are doing to protect our planet.

Let's Lose the Landfill

We aim to solely use paper or card to package up all of our kits. We ensure all the paper/card elements are 100% recyclable. The exterior box is also 100% recyclable and made from responsibly sourced cardboard. Recycling information is provided in each kit to make disposing of any elements easy and guilt free. In the few cases where we have had to use plastic in our products we have ensured it is recyclable. We will continue to innovate in this area and keep updating our sustainability commitments.

Made to Keep

To reduce the possibility of waste, we only use high-quality materials that can stand the test of time. This includes everything from art materials to tools and paint brushes. Whatever you decide to create with your kits, we hope you enjoy them for years to come!

Keep Creating or Share the Joy

Our tools are designed to be used beyond the kit it arrived in - we encourage you and your little ones to keep the creations going. Your tools can be stored away and easily used for future crafty sessions instead of disposing of them. They even make great hand-me-downs for other little crafters.

Cherished Outcomes

We are aware that the kids toy industry is swamped with one-time-use, plastic, ‘disposable’ products. We have designed our kits so that the final outcomes of each craft kit should leave you with a product your child will be proud of and want to display for all to see!


 We love our kits and we want you to love them too! That’s why we’ve created them with inclusivity in mind so that we can spread the creative joy to as many children as possible.

Reading & Dyslexia

Every child has different reading abilities, and recent reports have even suggested that a possible 20% of the population could have some degree of dyslexia. With that in mind, our guidebooks predominantly rely on visual instructions instead of text. We even provide tutorial videos for every activity as an alternative to reading.

Sight & Vision Inclusivity

We believe good design is inclusive and works for everyone in every situation. All of our Sculpd Kids Guidebooks pass a colour blindness test. When covering topics around colour, where identifying the colours is important, we do not rely on colour recognition alone and ensure the colour name is written alongside every illustration.

Beginners & Experts Welcome

Whether your child is a budding artist or just testing the water we have created inclusive activities in each box for all abilities. We include fun step-by-step instructions in each kit as well as links to handy tutorial videos.

We believe children learn in different ways, some through independent exploration and others through guided activities. Because of this, we include activities for both Structured Play and Independent Play.

For All Ages

Our craft kits are available for two different age ranges: 4-6 and 7-9. The guidebooks are optimised for these ages so they can make the most of each kit. However we think that kids aged 9+ would thoroughly enjoy both our kids and adult craft kits. We want to bring the joy of craft and creativity to everyone at every age. So if you are 4, 40 or 104 we have a kit for you!